Blockchain PON Project

To protect distinctive characteristics and reassure consumers, methodologies and technologies that enable a unique traceability process of production are being implemented.

The initiative proposes the use of an integrated Blockchain system, an innovation that guarantees complete transparency in the full traceability of the production and processing chain of agricultural products, specifically that of organic and DOCG production. This certifies the quality, origin and supply chain of products, ensuring maximum transparency to reassure the end consumer and enhance the value of the production of quality agri-food.

This system makes it possible to combat the various forms of counterfeiting that are becoming increasingly common in agribusiness production, thus becoming a transparent certification solution for authentic agricultural products and strengthening the relationship of trust between the consumer and the entire agribusiness chain, as well as enhancing the value of high-quality agricultural labor to guarantee food safety.

At the end of the project, the companies involved will be co-owners of the research results, which involve the implementation of a traceability system for agri-food supply chains through the use of blockchain to be made available principally to all agri-food cooperative enterprises in southern Italy.