Asparago Viola Giardinetto
Asparago viola 1
Asparago viola 2

Purple Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis)

In the area of Foggia, Troia and Orsara, in Apulia, the cultivation of the unique variety of Purple Asparagus was developed. Compared to its green cousin, purple asparagus, being less fibrous, is softer and butterier as well as sweeter in taste and has a less aggressive aroma. It was only recently introduced among the cooperative’s crops and has been pleasantly surprising on the market, leading to a progressive extension of the land dedicated to its growth.

Production period
March to June

8-12mm or 12-16mm in diameter:
8 pieces of 500 g each
12 pieces of 500 g each
8 pieces of 250 g each
12 pieces of 250 g each
400 g tub