Shared responsability

We apply a shared commitment to protecting people and the work environment every day. These ethical and social values are the foundation of our philosophy. They push us to see our company mission as a way to spark positive change in people and the work environment.

People come first with the SA8000 certification

This important recognition further highlights our daily commitment to protecting the most valuable resource we have: our people. With the SA8000 certification, we have reached high standards of recognition for human rights, worker rights, fighting the exploitation of minors and for health and safety in the workplace.

Certificate 8000:2014

A solid commitment

See how we put these values into practice every day.

Our commitment written in our Integrated Policy document.

Concrete actions against child labor and protection of young workers.

Transparency and care: how we manage reports and use them to act.

Download templates for managing reports

Illegal conduct

Report for SA8000 complaint