Since 1982, the Giardinetto Cooperative Association unites the best agricultural producers from the Foggia area to bring quality, monitored and certified produce to tables and kitchens all around the world.

Giardinetto is a truly integrated system that attends to every aspect, from planting to harvest, storage to temperature control. All production processes are subject to strict checks to ensure full compliance with the regulations and the production manual of Certified Quality, which characterizes our cooperative.

120 Producers
1200 hectares for vegetables
2000 hectares for cereals
2 production facilities
3 harvest centers

A shared philosophy

Our land and our producers are the most important resources. To be a part of Cooperativa Giardinetto means to share a united philosophy before business objectives. The only way that we know how to work the land is with respect in order to harvest strong, high-quality food.

Cooperation and quality supply chains
Cooperativa Giardinetto also offers its members the possibility to contribute to various supply chains aimed at quality. Most of the products created by the Apulian company Farris are grown on the lands of the Cooperativa’s members. Adherence and active participation in various supply chains in the region also allow the natural resources of our members to be transformed into products of the highest quality.


The quality of our products also depends on an intense care for all aspects of the supply chain, from worker protection to the highest level of hygiene. Our commitment is also recognized in the certifications we have received over the years.


For safe and consumer-traceable production that also respects the environment and the health of workers.


Highlights the attention paid to workers on various aspects, including union representation, the rights of minors and respect of national contracts; it completes the GLOBAL GAP certification.


Guarantees product quality and adherence to standards required by Large-scale Organized Distribution.


Certifies the hygienic safety and edibility of all farmed and commercialized products, including the locations and methods used during the production process.